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Nika Šaravanja – foundress
Nika is a Croatian documentary filmmaker, director, storyteller and visual artist. She graduated in 2016 at the Zelig School for Documentary and New Media in Bolzano, Italy in directing class with the award winning film “Dusk Chorus – Based on Fragments of Extinction“, her first feature documentary. Like this film, which had its premiere at the Visions du Reel festival in Nyon and is a story about human influence on nature, her subsequent work is based on themes of social impact and environment. She is currently living inbetween Vienna, Zagreb and the world and working on her second feature film “Jump Out”.

Katrin Spiegel – foundress
Katrin is a singer-songwriter, vocalist, actress and artist. Through her music and artistic works she is guiding us to bringing us back to the magic of the actual moment. Katrin is also intensively devoted to the field of ecologically and socially sustainable artist & event management and very passionate about interior design, upcycling and DIY. Currently she is working on the production of her debut Album- “Moment” and publishing music under the pop-electro creative duo ELEV.

Amio Mon
Amio is an artist, animator and creator of retro dreamscapes and digital heavy chill collages, based in Zagreb, Croatia. These dreamscapes are utopian visions of the atomic age that were closely connected with the visions of conquering the cosmos. Currently she is working on exploring cyberspaces and NFT’s.

Lucija Ana Ilijić
Lucija was born in Zagreb, Croatia. She studied English and French Language and Literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. She was part of the 8th generation of School of Documentary Film 2018/2019 (Restart) where her movie Mjesto za bijeg was made. Currently she lives in Italy where she is studying documentary filmmaking.

Stephen Otieno Owino
“Steve” is Kenyan born actor, painter, stunt-master, acrobat, storyteller and kids entertainer. Currently he lives and works inbetween Amsterdam and Nairobi. He is a part of Circus Zanzara, the Acrocordian duo and one of the founders of Nafsi Africa Acrobats. He really likes watermelon.

Mark Modrić

Ismael Berkel